The Design of a Science | The Science of Design

There is art, design, and a science to the science of dialogic design. The science is better supported when distinctions are made to qualify and clarify the identity and behaviors of these ways of formulating, thinking, and performing.

We might also cite the meaningful precedent to Christakis and Warfield, and justify these precedents as foundations. Dialogic Design is founded upon a scientific rationale, which has been proposed, developed, reformulated, and supported since the earliest publications of Hasan Ozbekhan, and Ross Ashby preceding Hasan.

While the earliest progenitor of a science of dialogue was Socrates, there are significant early influences in the scientific literature supporting the power of dialogue as an action science. (JL Austin's How to Do Things with Words comes to mind). What other precedents and mature schools of scientific discourse support the design of the science?